Previous Programme

Northern Ireland Rural Development
Programme 2007-2013

Down Rural Area Partnership was responsible for the implementation/delivery of Axis 3 of the Rural Development Programme (2007-2013), which aimed to improve the quality of life in rural areas and encourage diversification of economic activity through the following measures:

• Diversification into non-agricultural activities;
• Support for Business Creation and Development;
• Encouragement of Tourism Activities;
• Basic Services for the Economy and Rural Population;
• Village Renewal and Development; and
• Conservation and Upgrading of the Rural Heritage.
The Programme was delivered across the four legacy council areas of Ards, Banbridge, Down and North Down through a Local Action Group, which had responsibility for all operational aspects of the Programme with final decisions being made by an overarching Joint Council Committee of Councillors from the respective areas mentioned above.

Please visit YouTube for more information on the previous programme.

Note: There have been changes to the new Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 in terms of the schemes and eligibility criteria. Please visit the funding section for details on the new schemes.